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A £50 deposit can secure your order and initiate the process of getting your tailor made traditionally handcrafted footwear.

Orders are currently nine weeks. There is a full money back guarantee should you not be satisfied - including cost of return postage. Happily this is a rare occurrence.


£20 UK mainland.
£40 Europe
£45 elsewhere (air mail}.

My email is


How to Order

I take Pay Pal. My account is

It makes Worldwide orders much easier.


Draw round each foot wearing the socks that you normally wear. Hold the pencil/pen/biro at a slight angle so that the point is directly below and in line with the edge of your foot. State normal shoe size in your country. Send by post, please do not email as the scale /size can subtly change.

I will rough cut the sole and send them to you with fitting instructions which are simple and easy to follow. Send the soles back and I will complete the clogs. I refund the cost of your postage.

Upon finishing them I will write to you and upon receiving the balance owing I will send them.



If you look at the 'Styles' page you will find a base price for each style. For options browse through my Facebook page and have a read through the options below, or simply contact me. I'm very happy to discuss your individual requests and needs.


Duck Toe

No extra charge. Traditional pointed toe design that allows more curve into the sole whilst not further bending the wearers toes - used in steep built up areas of England and for country hills.


Orthotic Clogs

On request I can make entirely flat soles so the foot is not bent. I can also hand carve copies of customer's orthotics into the wood. This obviously costs extra but nevertheless for some people being pain free makes it well worthwhile. There are examples of orthotic pairs on my Facebook page here and here.


Crimping (the marking on of patterns/pictures)£50 for complicated colour work.

£40 for simple colour work on the front of the clog contact me with an idea of what you'd like and I'll give a quote.

£30 for plain lining work (no colour)


Irons (think horse shoes)

£25 1920's wrought iron originals. Not suitable on man-made walking surfaces. No modern mild steel rubbish which wears rapidly.


Soles (to protect the wood)

Standard sole used is a pimpled Deecrepe synthetic rubber which is both nailed and glued.


No extra charge for Toetins large or small, also available in steel.


Cleated Vibram sole

No Charge


Brass and Copper Cut Welt Nails

No Charge - I've managed to source really high quality authentic replacement stock, in various lengths. 



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